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Spring into Movement – 4/23

April brings the warming sun and exuberant new growth in nature.   It is, for many of us, a time to be outside and moving!  With

Detoxification — News 3/23

March brings us the official transition of Winter into Spring.  In Chinese Medicine terms, this transition brings greater movement, new growth, new possibilities, and greater

YouTube channel

Dr. Fishburn has created a few educational videos for the public, including: how to find a neutral postural home base, basics  re: shoulder anatomy, what

The Sun Salutation–daily self-care

Self-care is a critical part of wellness.  There are simple strategies that can easily be incorporated into a non-negotiable part of your daily routine that

Drama-Rama to Calm

If you are highly sensitive, intuitive and/or empathic, you are probably feeling buffeted and strained by the reactions to all the current events at play. 


Wellness is being at peace with who you are in the face of adversity, of the intolerable.  It is loving yourself, and appreciating the functionality

Posture Break – “20×20”

Here is a good rule of thumb for any visually-dependent activity (computer, crafts, handwork, etc) — the “20-20 rule“: For every 20 minutes on the computer (or

Remember Lyme!

This past winter in Maryland was very mild, with VERY few days of freezing weather.  Consequently, we have a very robust tick population.  This is

COVID Home Instructions

This is a shared document from Anne F. Ambrose MD, a physiatrist in New York:   COVID home instructions-2-3

Local Resources for COVID-19

Baltimore County COVID—19 Resources Baltimore County Food Resource page including meal distributions: Hotline for Residents to call with questions or concerns about the virus:

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