Movement & Wellness

The body is a community of cells with a complex communication system that provides direction and feedback for the whole. We assess this health network, looking for root causes with a mind-body orientation. The goal is to restore balance in this network, including structural alignment, and address any threats to wellness such as pain, chronic inflammation, or a lack of energy.
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Comprehensive Consultation

By listening to your story and evaluating your health status, we identify the contributing root causes of your concerns. We develop a strategy to address those root causes in a priority based way to improve wellness. In addition, any contributing structural imbalances found in our first visit may begin to be addressed.

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Further Discovery and Explorations

In follow-ups, we reassess the status of your concerns and any changes that have evolved since your previous appointment. We consider new information such as labs, consults, & radiographs, and what they contribute to your concerns. Wellness is the priority and a series of encounters may or may not be involved.

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Lifestyle coaching

Treatments include coaching on lifestyle factors like sleep, nutrition, etc, and other natural options for health issues. A major emphasis on body mechanics will change how you feel about your body. Elective options include manual therapies and/or acupuncture.

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Structural alignment

Various hands-on techniques are possible to improve structural balance and reduce pain.

If you are looking for greater ease of movement with your body, set up a 15-min conversation.

If you are looking for greater ease of movement with your body, set up a 15-min conversation.​

Additional methods to improve movement and wellness.

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Telemedicine Follow-up

Once you are an established patient, telemedicine follow-up is an option for a discussion of labs and other implications for health.

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Acupuncture Follow-Up​

My acupuncture approach is in the tradition of Kiiko Matsumoto, a palpation-based systemic acupuncture tradition that provides an effective way to address health issues.

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Genomic Insights to Health

Your DNA carries the codes for all the tools available to maintain life. We are able to improve health with genomic-specific lifestyle recommendations and nutritional support. I utilize 3 x 4 Genetics for testing and collaborate with Amanda Archibald of The Genomic Kitchen to develop a proactive strategy to optimize your health.

Improve your relationship with your body.

We are a medical practice that partners with you to explore and uncover root causes, contributing factors, and therapeutic options for what you are experiencing. Pain, fatigue, and/or limitations in function are all opportunities to gain insight and better quality of life.

Here, we work to help you maintain and improve your relationship with your body so you can savor wherever/whenever you are in your life.

We help motivated individuals stay active and self-reliant, working to prevent further decline in movement and restore optimal function and well-being.

Allow us to treat you.

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Dr Fishburn and her staff are amazing. Dr Fishburn has an innate sense of how to best serve each individual. Her manipulation technique is gentle yet effective. So grateful for their help!
Rose Jennert
July 2022
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