Wellness is being at peace with who you are in the face of adversity, of the intolerable.  It is loving yourself, and appreciating the functionality and relationships you have, even if it is—on the surface—limited in some way.  Living a life worth living is the operative state–a state of being.

In health, our bodies are a community of cells living in balance, supple and strong, with actions and automatic functions operating well and under our conscious modification and/or control.  Automatic functions like breathing, heartbeat, continence, are often taken for granted until they are not functioning well.  When some aspect of your coordinated system of collaborative healthy cellular dynamics is disrupted, either by trauma, insult, or lifestyle abuses, and becomes so out of balance that the normal compensatory mechanisms that allow us to feel like we can handle anything fail.  This crisis, this loss of health, is triggered, and you wonder what happened.  Well, it’s usually not just one thing.  More often than not, it’s “the perfect storm”.

Insults accumulate unless you allow restoration and clearing.  The more you ignore the signals of distress, pressing on, piling on more demand, the more likely you are to have system failure.

Rest and activity, work and play, personal quiet and social engagement.  These are all see-saw elements of balance needed for wellness.  Self-care is essential, in order to restore yourself and your state of being.   The quality of your relationships also matters, especially the one you have with yourself.

The first step toward wellness is to love and appreciate yourself.  For most of us, this takes some effort.  However, it may very well be the beginning of one of the biggest adventures in your life.  It was for me.  It involves exploring the conscious and unconscious dynamics in your life, beginning with acceptance of what is here and now.  It is the result of choices you have made, and a reflection of what you project into the world.

Does this mean that you chose to live a life of poverty, misery, suffering?  NO.  It does not.  Part of our reality is constructed by who we are outside of this lifetime, AND by the society/culture in which we choose to be born. Understanding that it is not the material aspects of our lives that make us happy, fulfilled, or well.  It is our attitude and perceptions that define these aspects of our lives.  It is how these dynamics spark the options and choices we make as we live our lives.  Healing does NOT mean “cure”.  It means a breakthrough to another evolved level of being that is at peace, fully engaged in love for self and life and others.  Attuned to and operating from the Truth of who you are in Spirit.

We all have access to this.  I invite you to share in the adventure.

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